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TM204/OT2.2 Law and Narrative

For WEMTC: This module explores and evaluates the different ways First Testament Law and Narrative may be read in order to find meaning suitable for preaching today. On the basis that both Law and Narrative may have had original sermonic settings it then explores how law and narrative formats and methods might influence the form and method of our preaching.

For Wesley: This unit explores the range of meanings of the word 'law' in the OT and the different types of legal material including the Decalogue. Attention is paid to the way in which Christians have appealed to bibliucal law in addressing ethical issues. The main substance of the course will be the study of selected individual biblical narratives and the way in which they relate to one another.

On this page you will find a sample book list. It may not mirror exactly the actual lists given in class and should not be relied upon. However if there are major differences please notify me and I will update this page.

This module is taught by Elizabeth Harper
Further reading will be found on the class handouts relating to each week's subject.

Dictionary Articles


Law and Ethics


On Specific Narratives and Biblical Books

All the books are available within the Federation libraries. I also have copies of some books which may be borrowed.

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