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The Internet is rich in resources for Christian study of varying calibre. Here we cannot hope to link all of that information nor even to build up a list of the "best" sites. I have tried to point to lists of resources that are available and select a few that I find helpful for theological students

The Internet is not 100% reliable and documents move, disappear and change their names. If you find a link does not work, try again in an hour, a day, or a week. But do feel free to email us to report a link doesn't work. Don't forget to tell us the name of the link!

Anglican Church / Church of England

see also LR101 Living with the Church for more extensive links to Church of England sites.
Church of England
Official web site
The Anglican Domain
This is a web site for the Anglican (Episcopal) Church around the world
The Anglican Communion
Another web site for the international Anglican Communion
Diocese of Gloucester
Now fully formed it contains not only all the Diocesan information you would expect to find but also more wide ranging issues and spirituality input.
Diocese of Bath and Wells
One of the first Diocesan websites in our region it has kept up with the times and has plenty of photos, news and all the Diocesan information.
Diocese of Worcester
Also recently revamped in the news/ small photo mould it has all you could want to know about the Diocese.
Diocese of Bristol
Now up and running and hosting a 'web-verger'. Useful information about the Diocese, the Bishop, cycle of prayer for the Diocese, the All Saints Resource Centre, the Cathedral, various parishes and the Diocesan Handbook
Diocese of Hereford
A nice uncluttered site with all that you will need about the Diocese.

Online Bookshops

But please don't desert your local Christian Bookshop too much.
Church House Bookshop
Efficient and reasonably priced. Ordinands and Readers in the Church of England can get a discount after registering. Church House will take orders for books not listed on their site - although in my one-off experience that is much slower.
Always a fall back if you can't find things elsewhere. And try the American Amazon for books England doesn't list
ABE Second Hand Books
A great place for second hand and out-of-print books. They certainly have an impressive range of books although most sellers are American. Shipping may well cost 2x the book price - depends how desperate you are for that out-of-print book.
CGI Second Hand Books
This searches several secondhand booksellers for your books including ABE above.

Clipart, Photos and Artwork

General Christian Clip Art on the Web

Atlantic Fish - Free Christian Clipart
One of several basic Christian Clip Art Collections, sorted into categories. See also Coolclips for another collection.
Faith Clip Art - subscriptions service
One of several subscription Christian Clip Art Collections. Price seems high (you could get 1-2 CD's of art for that prices, but the samples are free.
Google Advance Image Search
Type in your search requirements and see what comes up. This is how I get my Powerpoint illustrations. Or try one of the other search engines e.g.Lycos or Alta Vista
Christian Computer Art
A collection of quality bible related pictures, maps, photos, paintings, and ancient near eastern artifacts from D. Instone-Brewer of Tyndale House Cambridge. I have the CDs and have used these for my biblical powerpoint presentations. There are some free samples and a very reasonable subscription rate for the full use.

Art Collections

Fine Art Collection
A collection of Ancient Masterpieces but you need to search by artist.
ENTER Electronic NT Educational Resources
A collection of art relating to the NT especially good on John and Revelation, by Felix Just.

Buying Clip Art CD's

A Catholic site that sells the Signs, Symbols and Saints CD that I use for most services.
St Paul's Multimedia
A Catholic Mission website I get many posters as well as Clip art from them.
Sunrise Software
The premier seller of all Bible and Christian software, including clip art CDs uch as the ClickArt and the Church ClipArt MegaPack that I use frequently.
Churchill Systems
I haven't bought their CDs but you can get a good idea and a free sampler from this website before buying.


Free foto
A general photo resource that includes good quality photos of churches and other things good for Powerpoint or visual meditations
Photos of Biblical places. These are copyright and can only be downloaded for educational use but you can buy the CD(s)for church use.
ebible teacher
Photos of bible places and artifacts.

General Christian Resource Indexes

see also our General Religion Links
Christian Theology Page
The Christian Theology Page or Fides Quaerens Internetum is a portal to various things theological from theology societies through individual theologians to theological journals and resources.
ChurchNet UK
United Kingdom church links and related resources. Link was broken May 2008
UK Christian Handbook
This useful directory of all sorts of UK Christian outfits and churches
Ship of Fools
A must for Christian Humour and an attempt to scotch pomposity.
God on the Net
Tied into the book God on the Net this site includes links to all sorts of Christian web sites, Christians graphics, prayers etc. etc.

Liturgical resources, services and activities

see also TM213.5 Liturgy and Worship for links of a more academic quality.
Common Worship
The web site for the Church of England's Common Worship Liturgies
Visual Liturgy
Visual Liturgy is the CD Rom containing the Church of England and Methodist service books with extra hymn modules for creating your own service sheets.
Exciting Holiness
The first edition of Exciting Holiness collects and readings for the Lesser Festivals is available free here.
Worship Links
A small selection of links
Franciscan Liturgies
Liturgies for various occasions as chosen for the Third Order Franciscans

Methodist Church

see also TM104 Methodist Studies for links about Methodism.
Methodist Church of Great Britain
Official web site
Methodist Church, Bristol District
The Bristol District homepage with plenty of links to whats going on and what's what!
Methodist Archives and Research Centre
The Methodist Archives and Research Centre (MARC) was established by the Methodist Church of Great Britain in 1961 to house the Connexional records of the church
Church Met Methodist links
Church Net has at its heart a directory of churches in England of all denominations. There is a Methodist section to the directory that includes Church and Circuit links but the link was broken May 2008

Ordinands / Student Ministers

Association of Ordinands and Candidates for Ministry (AOCM)
AOCM represents all those sponsored by an Anglican Bishop for ordained or accredited lay ministry in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Bristol MethSoc
Bristol MethSoc is closely linked to Victoria Methodist Church

Prayers online

Sacred Space
A daily prayer using a six step version of Ignatian Prayer combined with the Lectio Divina and scenic pictures. Biblically based and contemplative
Celebrating Common Prayer
The Franciscan Daily Office CCP on line.
Franciscan Selection of Prayers
Prayers as chosen for the Third Order Franciscans

Readers in the Church of England

National Readers' Website
Relaunched in Feb 2005 an excellent site not just for Readers
Hereford Diocese Readers' Website
Well done Hereford for having a page specifically for its Readers


Elizabeth's Advice on Bible Software
Elizabeth's personal opinions on bible software written for WEMTC student's consumption and to stop them asking the dreaded question: "What do you recommend".
The Gramcord Institute
Probably the best grammatical data on the original languages. GRAMCORD is the most powerful Bible program available for Greek and Hebrew research
The sister of Gramcord for Macs. Has the advantage of additional resource modules (e.g. the Qumran texts, Anchor Bible Dictionary, Church Fathers etc) but at a price. It uses the same excellent Gramcord Greek and Hebrew texts and is very powerful.
Logos Research Systems
The self-proclaimed industry leader in Bible software. Probably the best user-interface but at a cost (ed)
QuickVerse - simplifies your biblical research with powerful searching capabilities, an easy-to-use interface for those not needing sophisticated language work A good long player in the market.
Online Bible
This library contains Bibles, Commentaries, Lexicons etc. for the Online Bible software which you can also download - cheap and comprehensive but not fancy.
One of the better of the free bible software programmes but limited in what it has.
Sunrise Software
A useful U.K. place to shop for Bible and Christian software.
Bible Gateway
If you don't have your own bible search software this site lets you search and print for particular search words or verses in a variety of versions - also useful for comparing bible versions

Training Courses and Colleges

Bristol Baptist College
The Bristol Baptist College trains men and women for a variety of ministries in the Baptist Church. A member of the Bristol Federation of Theological Colleges
Trinity Theological College
An evangelical Anglican Theological College which trains men and women for ordained ministry within the Church of England as well as independent students.
Wesley College, Bristol
Wesley College is a Methodist Theological College which has become in recent years an ecumenical centre for Christian Education. A member of the Bristol Federation of Theological Colleges
CAEIMT list of Colleges, Courses and Schemes
CAEIMT is the official organisation for the Colleges, Courses and Schemes staff. The link page lists all accredited Anglican training institutions with links.

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