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Elizabeth Harper, Cambridge UK
Formerly of:
Browns Bay & Mt Eden, N. Z.
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NEOC & Durham University
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I am currently working on a doctorate through Durham University. This involves a literary and theological reading of the Flood Narrative (Noah and the Ark) in Gen 6-9. On this page I will publish auxiliary material to my study and and an eclectic mix of related web sites. As part-time study the estimated completion date is towards the end of 2013 after 8 years.

Elizabeth Harper’s


on Gen 6-9

Being a PhD Student

On this page you will find an eclectic set of resources that I find useful for general matters of being a PhD Student at Durham e.g. links to Durham University, UK Library Catalogues, fellow students blogs (how do they have the time?) etc etc...

Biblical Study Aids

Where would I be without the Internet? This page links to various study aids without which I could not survive - online bibles, useful encyclopaedias, academic bible study websites are all found here.

Language Resources

Why can't everything be in English? This page links to various language tools, essential for study. Hebrew, Greek and Latin versions of the Hebrew Bible and study tools for ancient and modern languages.

Gen 6-9 Noah and the Flood

And now to the real matter at hand. Soon I shall know the Flood Narrative back to front and inside out, but in the meantime here are the best links I recommend or use for my study.

Personal Perspectives

Here you will find my completed papers (don’t ask how many are incomplete!),  along with book reviews, critiques of scholarly work and other material I get round to writing.

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