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Elizabeth Harper, Cambridge UK
Formerly of:
Browns Bay & Mt Eden, N. Z.
Trinity College Bristol
NEOC & Durham University
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The pressing needs of a PhD and teaching notes mean that all written words need to be reserved for higher purposes !?!. (You can see them on my Writings page!) However I hope to include here links to brief news items that might help people to keep up to date on what I am doing and maybe even save a few forests from being turned into those dreaded circular letters. Not that I ever got round to writing a Christmas letter.

Jan 2012
A downloadable copy of the Jan 2012 Newsletter nb this file is 625kb
Dec 2010
A downloadable copy of the Dec 2010 Newsletter nb. this file is 468kb in size
April 2008
A downloadable copy of the April 2008 Newsletter nb. this file is 450kb in size

Personal News

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